Bertil Vallien's hot air balloon

Bertil Vallien Air Balloon

For over 35 years, Bertil Vallien's Hot Air Balloon hung in the Caroli shopping centre in Malmö, Sweden. To Caroli City, he did two works, of which the hot air balloon is one. The second work was the zeppelin.

Throughout the years, the hot air balloon has fascinated Bertil to the degree that in 1963 he started a rocket and hot air balloon club together with some other artists in Åfors. In 1968, he was on the premiere tour of, "Emillie", Sweden's first hot air balloon ride. After that, there were many flights and a lot of rocket launches in the forests of Småland.

Bertil Vallien was born in 1938 and is one of Sweden's foremost glass artists. Bertil is a Swedish glass artist who has attracted the most attention abroad as well. When he had an exhibition at a gallery on Fifth Avenue in NYC, they closed the street for a while to lift his boats through the windows of the gallery.

The materials are glass and metal – the frame is made by the metalworker Lars Larsson in Boda. The glass was manufactured at Åfors glassworks. It took about 7-8 months to manufacture the hot air balloon, and it was delivered in one piece and mounted on cite in Caroli City, Malmö Sweden.

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