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Made in Sweden – Portraits of famous Swedes

Iconic images of Swedish celebrities

Zara Larsson, Carl XVI Gustaf & Astrid Lindgren

Bukowskis presents photography at the autumn's first Live auction Made in Sweden.

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A unique portrait of the Swedish king, a picture of writer Astrid Lindgren and an iconic photography of actress Ingrid Bergman – photography can, like no other medium, capture atmospheres and emotions. In this auction, we have collected unique pictures depicting some of Sweden's most famous and beloved celebrities.

Bruno Ehrs

"Carl XVI Gustaf, Skeppsholmen, May 2002"

As part of Stockholm’s 750th anniversary, Ehrs produced a series of portraits of famous Stockholm residents, including King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Ehrs continued to be commissioned by the royal family for official portraits and in 2010 created his first original for stamps, depicting the King and Queen of Sweden.This motif is included in the collections of The Swedish Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, and also Instituto Svedese di Studi Classici a Roma. Bruno Ehrs well known picture of His Majesty is also a part of HRH The Crown Princess Victoria's private collection.

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From the series "Embracement". Signed and numbered 6/20 verso. Printed in 2002.

Jacob Forsell

"Astrid Lindgren", 1987

Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002) is known amongst both children and adults as Sweden’s most famous writer of children’s books. With her books about Pippi Longstocking, the children of Noisy Village, Nils Karlsson-Pyssling, the children of Seacrow Island and Karlsson on the Roof she is also a well-established name internationally. Her books have been translated into 107 languages and sold over 165 million copies worldwide.

Forsells's portrait of the famous Swedish author Astrid Lindgren depicts her just as the Swedes has come to know her: friendly, kind, unpretentious with glittering mischievous eyes. The picture was taken at Lindgrens summer house in Furusund in the northern archipelago of Stockholm on October 10 in 1987.

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Albert Wiking

"Zara", 2015

Albert Wiking, born in 1956 in Caracas, is a Swedish photographer and designer. The photograph of pop star Zara Larsson was part of Albert Wiking's exhibition "We Have A Dream" at Fotografiska in Stockholm in 2017. This photograph belonged to a series of 114 portraits.

Signed Albert Wiking and numbered 5/12.

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Åke Lange

"Ingrid Bergman", 1935

During the 1930s, Erik Åke Lange was one of Sweden's most notable photographers. In his work, he experimented with lighting effects and shadows. Lange's pictures were published in the trade magazine Photography and exhibited at several photo exhibitions in London and Antwerp. He apprenticed and was employed by photographer Herman Bergne on Hamngatan in Stockholm, before opening his own studio on Kungsgatan. Lange was a successful fashion and portrait photographer in theater and film. Lange was appointed royal court photographer after photographing King Gustav V.

In this portrait of the world famous actress Ingrid Bergman, known for her leading role in movie classic Casablanca, Åke Lange has captured an atmosphere in his composition of shadow and light.

Stamped by the Åke Lange Estate and numbered AP 1 verso.

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