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Bukowskis presents: Sivert Oldenvi Collection

From left: Two works by Per Kirkeby, "Vino Tinto Gang" by Peter Dahl, "The Dance" by Lena Cronqvist, and the sculpture "Minotaur" by Oiva Toikka.

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Sivert Oldenvi Collection

Bukowskis is pleased to present the Sivert Oldenvi Collection, a private collection comprising contemporary Swedish and International art and glass craftsmanship amassed over an extended period.

When Sivert turned seven in the small village of Bodsjö in Jämtland, he received his very first painting as a gift – an oil painting by the Jämtland artist John Hedman. An unusual present for a seven-year-old, and we don't know if it was a result of an already displayed interest in art or if it was the spark that ignited it all. What we do know is that the painting still remains in his collection, and his passion for art in general, and painting in particular, was what most distinctly defined him.

– Our father was an ambitious and meticulous man with an eye for details, and with great care, he selected the art that would become part of his collection. Always the first to arrive at every vernissage, unless he had managed to see the exhibition beforehand. Each artwork was studied thoroughly, often in conversation with the artist and gallery owner.

– At home in the art gallery, while recounting the story of the artist currently showcased there, we saw the passion and love that resided within him. Art became his natural language, and rarely did he light up as much as when he made one of us understand a particular detail in a painting or why it was crucial for it to hang exactly where it did.

– We now hope that parts of dad's collection will find their way to locations and homes where the art can inspire the same passion it brought him.

"… To surround oneself with your paintings is a privilege, an escape to a violent dance, a romantic adventure, a rest beside the road in a quietly shimmering landscape…"(Quote from Sivert's private correspondence).

Sandra, Jeanette, and Wilhelm, children of Sivert Oldenvi

Sivert Oldenvi Collection.

Catalogue Online: August 30
Viewing September 15 – 19, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Auction Live September 20, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

› "Statue" Signed Torsten Andersson and dated -98 verso. Canvas 207 x 180 cm.

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