A Royal commode made by Georg Haupt 1782 for prince Karl Gustav, Duke of Småland, the second son of Gustav III.

Length 140, width 51,5, height 91 cm.

The apron bronze Gustavian but not original.

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3 000 000 - 4 000 000 SEK

328 228 - 437 637 EUR

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4 600 000 SEK
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Duke of Småland, prince Karl Gustav (1782-1783).
E A Boman (1829-1887). Sold at Bukowskis auction nr 37, 1887: E A Boman's collection, part I: III c) nr 398.

John Håkansson (1847-1919).
Gift to Nordiska museet 1919.
The City of Stockholm 2014.


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A Royal Gustavian commode made by Georg Haupt 1782 for the Duke of Småland, the second son of the Swedish king Gustav III (1746-1792). Delivered in 1782. Veneered with birch, jacaranda, maple, rosewood and enbenholtz. Gilded brass mounts. White marble top. Three drawers. Marked on the back ”no 35”.
The unusual large size of the commode signals that it was made for someone special (Length 140, depth 51,5, height 91 cm). The commode is marked on the back with number 35, referring to the account from 1782 which is preserved in archives at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The account shows a description of a pair of commodes (Bukowskis sold the other commode in 2008, auction 548, lot 1062), Georg Haupt´s signature, and the authorization of the purchase by Jean Eric Rehn (responsible for the furnishing of the Royal palaces and also one of the leading designers in Sweden during the 18th century).

A translation of the account from 1782: "To the Royal Household made and delivered to his Royal Highness the Duke of Småland's room two commodes 9 qvtr long with 3 drawers, decorated with Ebenisterie, chased and gilded brass works and nicely polished white Italian marble tops costing One hundred each together 200 Riksdaler. Stockholm 21 August 1782 Georg Haupt".

Underneath Haupt's signature the acquisition is confirmed by Jean Eric Rehn and that the commodes are delivered for the rooms of the Royal Highness the Duke of Småland. One the back of the account Georg Haupt is confirming the payment the 12th of September 1782.

The Royal Highness the Duke of Småland was the second son of Gustav III and his name was Karl Gustav (born 25 august 1782, deceased 23 March 1783).

Jean Eric Rehn (1717-1793), was one of the Swedish leading designers during the 18th century. For example he designed in 1772/1773 a cabinet which was a gift from Gustav III to the French prince Condé in 1774. The cabinet was executed by Georg Haupt. Rehn's drawing of the Condé-cabinet is still preserved and shows the double laurel wreaths (a motif that Haupt used on several of his furniture) which also decorates the auction's commode.

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