37. NILS BARCK, an Art Nouveau ceramic vase.

Glazed in blue, yellow and green, carved floral decoration on the shoulder, signed NdB or NB 18 (1918?) and 9. Height 11 cm, diameter 15 cm.

Minir chips to glaze.

Droit de suite
6 000 - 8 000 SEK/614 - 818 EUR

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Count Nils Ivan Joachim Barck, sometimes called Nils de Barck (1863-1930), a ceramicist and painter, born in Malmö, Sweden, but raised in France and worked as a ceramicist in his own workshop in Paris in the 1890's, where he produced pottery/stoneware in the French tradition. Barck collaborated with the French ceramist Henri de Vallombreuse (1856-1919) and his ceramics were featured at many major exhibitions, including the Stockholm Exhibition 1897, Paris 1900 and Stockholm 1909.

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