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Bruno Liljefors

(Sweden, 1860-1939)
Bruno Liljefors, Eurasian woodcock (Scolopax rusticola).
Bruno Liljefors, Eurasian woodcock (Scolopax rusticola).
Bruno Liljefors, Eurasian woodcock (Scolopax rusticola).

Eurasian woodcock (Scolopax rusticola)

Authenticated verso by Gustaf Jaensson (1891-1981), Senior conservator-restorer Nationalmuseum, Sweden from 1921: "Ovanstående målning är ett originalarbete av Bruno Liljefors intygar Gustaf Jaensson" and stamped: "Konservatorn/Konstavdelningen/Nationalmuseum". Oil on canvas 35.5 x 50.5 cm.

Droit de suite: No

50 000 - 60 000 SEK

4 690 - 5 630 EUR

4 500 - 5 390 USD

Hammer price: 
50 000 SEK

The artist's estate which was managed by Uplands Enskilda Bank, Uppsala, Sweden.


(Möjligtvis) Uppsala, Uppsala Konstförening, Bruno Liljefors Utställning, 1934 under "Skisser".

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Bruno Liljefors is the Swedish artist best known for his nature and animal motifs, especially in dramatic situations. Liljefors started with studies at the Academy of Arts in 1879, and continued 1882 in Düsseldorf where the studies revolved around animal painting. The journey then continued to Venice, Rome, Naples, Paris and Grez. Once back in Sweden, he began to draw and paint animals, especially cats and small birds, from the beginning in intimate interaction with nature. He then moved on to broader depictions of wild animals and nature, of seascapes with seabirds and of dramatic scenes of battles between birds. Liljefors is known as our country's foremost animal painter with a large production. Liljefors depicted, in contrast to the "idyllic" animal painting, the animals everyday life with a focus on movement, anatomy and their adaptation to the landscape. This is where the greatness of his painting lies, in the ability to show the animals in their proper environment. He has achieved this by hunting and observing. Well-known works of art are the paintings "Rävfamilj" (1886) and "Havsörnar" (1897), as well as the sculpture "Lek" (1930) at Stockholm Stadium. Liljefors is mainly represented at the National Museum, Waldemarsudde and the Thielska gallery in Stockholm.

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