Sven Erik Skawonius

& Olof Östberg, a Swedish Modern mahogany and beech chest of drawers, G.A Berg 1930's-40's, one of two known executed.

Three drawers, carved, stylized decoration to the front, measurements 96 x 42,5 cm, height 59 cm. Key included.

Wear. Later keyhole fittings.

Droit de suite: No

80 000 - 100 000 SEK

7 648 - 9 560 EUR

Hammer price: 

This model was exhibited att the 1937 Paris Exhibition.


Åke Stavenow (ed), "Le Guide Officiel Exposition Internationale de Paris 1937, Arts et Techniques dans la vie moderne", see pp 47, 49.
Åke Huldt (ed), "Konsthantverk och hemslöjd i Sverige 1930-40", Förlag AB Bokförmedlingen, Gothenburg, 1941, p 405.

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This chest of drawers is one of two to this date known executed, this one is
marked 2/2 42.

Sven Erik Skawonius worked as a painter, scenographic designer and industrial designer.
He was attached to Kosta Glasbruk 1933-35 and 1944-50, where he designed characteristic vases with sand blasted and etched decor.
He worked as an artistic leader and designer at Uppsala Ekeby in 1935-39, 1953-57 and 1962-66.

Skawonius was the managing director of the Swedish Association of Crafts 1946-49 and 1958-60 and he was the head curator for the Swedish section at several exhibitions. He was also teaching glass design at Konstfack.
Skawonius also designed objects in silver and different types of textiles.

Olof Östberg was the head of the design office at the G.A Berg company during the initial years after 1933.

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