Andy Warhol
(United States, 1928-1987)
Andy warhol, "three portraits of ingrid bergman by andy warhol".
Andy warhol, "three portraits of ingrid bergman by andy warhol".
Andy warhol, "three portraits of ingrid bergman by andy warhol".
Andy warhol, "three portraits of ingrid bergman by andy warhol".

"Three portraits of Ingrid Bergman by Andy Warhol".

The complete portfolio with three silkscreens in colours, 1983, each signed in pencil and numbered 5/250, printed by Rupert Jasen Smith, New York, published by Galerie Börjeson, Malmö. I./S: 96.5 x 96.5 cm. Book "Portraits of Ingrid Bergman. Andy Warhol", published by Galerie Börjeson, 1983. Portfolio included.

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800 000 - 1 000 000 SEK

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1 050 000 SEK

Galerie Börjeson, Malmö, Sweden


Feldman II.313.

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Den berömda portfolion med Andy Warhols tre porträtt av Ingrid Bergman gavs ut 1983 av svenska Galerie Börjeson. I försättsbladet till mappen beskriver Per-Olov Börjeson hur idén till portfolion föddes vid ett möte mellan honom och konstnären. Warhols fascination för Hollywoods superstjärnor var välkänd och hade tidigare i hans konstnärskap tagit sig uttryck i ett flertal porträtt av filmstjärnor i olika tekniker:
“At our meeting in the fall of 1982 we discussed these very 'Warhol' portraits and in the course of this conversation of the stars of the cinema world Ingrid Bergman's name was brought up. […]
It was during this conversation that the idea of a series of graphic prints to honor the memory of a great artist whom we both admired, was born. […]
In these three prints we meet a new Andy Warhol. Gone is the very deliberate sense of distance which characterized the earlier portraits, objective almost documentary in their lack of personal judgement, portraits of roles played rather than lived by people. The three portraits of Ingrid Bergman reveal Andy Warhol's personal feelings and unbounded admiration for a woman and actress whom he knew.
The titles of the three prints are: The Nun" (from "the Bells of St Mary's"), "With hat" (from "Casablanca") and "Herself". This last title reveals just how far Andy Warhol has gone beyond the portrait of a star-role to a statement of undisguised, personal feeling in a portrait which is so strikingly beautiful as to reveal the mutual kinship between two great artists."

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