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Important Winter Sale 629


176A pair of Swedish Gustavian silver candlesticks, mark of Mikael Nyberg, Stockholm 1788.Please note that both candlesticks are listed in the Stockholm house.
187A Swedish 18th century parcel-gilt silver beaker, mark of Petter Lund, Nykoping 1736.The beaker is marked 1736.
230A bridal bed cover, knotted pile, ca 189-190,5 x 160-164 cm, Hälsingland, Sweden, the 1750's, rococo.Export restriction on this lot from 20.000 SEK and upwards.
244A rug, Old Esfahan, "Saraf", ca ca 170 x 104 cm.The width is 104 cm
257A carpet, a semi-antique Chinese, ca 255 x 199-202,5 255 x 199-202,5 cm.
280A carpet, semi-antique Tabriz, ca 413,5 x 328,5 cm.The width is 328,5 cm.
346Ester Almqvist, "Hängbjörken" (The silver birch).Not allowed for export.
350Jakob Björck, "Ulrika Sofia Adlerfelt", (née Wrede-Sparre af Sundby) (1736-1765).The portrait depicts "Ulrika Sofia Adlerfelt", (née Sparre af Sundby) (1736-1765).
368Johan Krouthén, Autumn landscape.Erroneous information in the printed catalogue. No droit de suite (d) for this lot.
374Erik Dahlbergh Attributed to, Stockholm from north towards the Caste Tre kronor.Not allowed for export if the final price exceeds SEK 100.000.
405AElias Martin, ”En National glädjebetygelse vid Hans Kongl. Höghet Kronprinsens Födelse”.Ändrat utrop och titel samt reviderad och tillkommen text.
426Elias Martin, "Vuë af Gysinge Bruk i Jästrikland. Bark änu tillhörigt 1795".Line etching with watercolour.
472Christian Eriksson, "Sittande lapp" (= Sitting laplander).The correct year is 1909 not 1902 as written in the printed catalogue.
485Carl Larsson, "Bodakulla (Studie)".Erroneous provenance in the printed catalogue. Correct provenance: Beijers Auktioner AB, Stockholm, November 7, 1989, lot 157; private collection (acquired at the above sale).
497Hilma af Klint, "Syrener" (Lilacs).Erroneous title in the printed catalogue. Correct title: "Syrener" (Lilacs).
524Ivar Nyberg, Interior from the artist's studio with fellow artist Vicke Andrén drawing.Revised description: Interior from the artist's studio with fellow artist Vicke Andrén drawing. Litterature: Kåa Wennberg, "Ivar Nyberg -en mångsidig konstnär", 2019, compare "Porträtt av Victor Andrén" (in the collections of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm) illustrated full page in colour, p. 46. Compare: Ivar Nyberg, "En tecknare. Victor Andrén" (oil on cardboard, 33 x 24 cm, 1884) in the collections of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (NM 1368).
564Alfred William Strutt, The Fox Hunt - the punishment.Revised estimate. New estimate: SEK 125 000 - 150 000.
567Alfred William Strutt, The Fox Hunt - the theft.Revised estimate. New estimate: SEK 125 000 - 150 000.
860Two blue and white vases, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).one shortened. The large vase with a 6 cm long crack by rim. Fritting around footrim. Otherwise good.
917An 18K white gold ring set with a round brilliant-cut diamond weight 1.86 cts according to engraving.Please note, the weight of the diamond is 1.86 cts
1000An Indian bracelet.Please note; green and red stones - not emeralds and spinells

Withdrawn items