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Adriaen van Stalbemt

(Flandern, 1580-1662)
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Adriaen van Stalbemt
(Flandern, 1580-1662)

The Sacrifice of Abraham

Executed around 1605-1610. Copper 20.5 x 25.3 cm.

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Certificate by Dr Klaus Ertz, Lingen included.

The Flemish artist Adriaen van Stalbemt was born in 1580 in Antwerp. The family moved to Middelburg and this is probably where he began his artistic education. After returning to Antwerp in 1610, he was elected master of the Lukas Guild, which was the artists' guild at this time. He had several assignments for the art dealer Peter Goetkint II with, among other things, small interiors on copper, but otherwise he is mainly known for his landscapes, preferably with religious, mythological and allegorical scenes.
After marriage to the art dealer's daughter, the couple moved to the city of Meir, but he was also active in London for a while. It was King Charles I who had invited him to England and van Stalbemt then painted, among other things, a couple of portraits of the king and queen in landscapes that are still in the royal collections.
Eventually the couple returned to Antwerp and he died in 1662 in Putte.
Adriaen van Stalbemt's style as an artist is eclectic and he was inspired by artists such as Jan Brueghel the Elder, Jan Brueghel the Younger, Hendrick van Balen and Gillis van Coninxloo. In addition to oil paintings, he was also a printmaker.