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Stig Lindberg Fajanser

Bukowskis presents the theme auction "Stig Lindberg's Faience" – a private collection built over a long lifetime by a couple who shared a deep passion for Swedish ceramics, especially Stig Lindberg's faience pieces. The beloved artist remains ever-relevant, and this year sees the release of a new book that dives into his artistic legacy.

Together with Wilhelm Kåge, Lindberg founded Gustavsbergs Studio in 1942, primarily focusing on creating hand-painted faience and stoneware items. The creative journey began with an exhibition at Gustavsberg's space on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm. The exhibition, "Faience Painted in Spring," introduced Lindberg's distinctive faience pieces, characterized by their milky white glazes and colorful patterns. Flowers and geometric shapes infused a sense of playfulness and elegance into each object. Stig Lindberg's work with faience continued into the 1960s. His faience creations not only found success in Sweden but also internationally, and his influence on the world of ceramics is immense.
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