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Duodji and knife crafting

In this auction, we proudly present an exciting collection of Duodji Sámi craftsmanship – a tradition that spans over a century and is rooted in natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship. This expressive craftsmanship originates in utility objects, with a clear intention to combine function and form. The items created over several centuries – and still produced today – bear the influence of both traditional forms and the distinct styles and features of renowned masters and lineages. The masterfully and intricately designed boxes, bowls, spoons, and knives can't help but command admiration.

The collection in this auction consists of signed items from the 20th century crafted by well-known and lesser-known artisans. Among the items, you will find works by Sámi craft masters such as Jon Pålsson Fankki, Andreas Poggats, and Esse Poggats.

We invite you to explore and bid on these unique items and cultural treasures. Welcome!

33 items
Lars Pirak, Reindeers.
Lars Pirak, Reindeers.
12 000 SEK