Ulf Rahmberg

Ulf Rahmberg was born in Borås in 1935. He studied at Konstfack in 1952–57 and at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art in 1962–67. His works are incredibly detailed, with surrealist features, and are often socially critical depictions of people, technology, capitalism, violence and oppression. With younger colleagues Lars Hillersberg, Karin Frostenson, Carl-Johan De Geer, Marie-Louise Ekman and Lena Svedberg, Rahmberg was one of the driving forces behind the underground magazine PUSS. Founded in 1968, the magazine published a total of 24 issues, the last in 1974. PUSS was engaged in environmental and local politics and used satire, expressed in various ways. A major Rahmberg retrospective was held at Borås Art Museum in 2012 including many of the works in this collection.

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