Bukowskis has the pleasure to present a larger collection of etnografica from Peter von Busch – the belated profile from Antikrundan. Von Busch had a long experience within the area of etnografica and held a Master of Science in art history and ethnology along with a background in nautical and international art. In recent years, he became a well know profile as an expert in the tv-show Antikrundan and he was also a chief for the Naval Museum in Karlskrona. For Peter von Busch, the collecting of etnografica was established in a greater interest of antiques in general. It all began when he tagged along with colleagues on different art and antique travels to the continent and it was then he discover the etnografica. Already in the 1950s he bought his first objects, which laid the foundation to his extensive collection. A majority of the items comes from galleries around Europe and von Busch's collecting has been noted at museum in several different ways, where some of the objects have been on displayed, for instance at Liljevalchs (”Before Picasso”, 1988-1989) and Louisiana (”Afrika, Afrika”, 1989).