Folk art textiles

Sweden’s beautiful historic textiles are well-known not only in Sweden but also abroad. Weaving carriage cushions, pillows and covers in techniques including flat weave flourished in the mid-eighteenth century and was most common in Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and southern Småland, in other words the provinces of southern Sweden that formerly belonged to Denmark. The Skåne region is known for its beautiful carriage cushions and pillows which were used to decorate carriages and homes and these works of art were a sign of the household’s prosperity. The collection we now present belonged to Skåne’s foremost textile and carpet expert Erik Makelberge. Erik was chair of the Skåne Oriental Carpet Club. He ran his own shop in Höganäs and also advised Malmö Museum as well as private country houses and stately homes in southern Sweden on textile art and interiors. He has also been represented at Rippon & Boswell in Wiesbaden and at Christie’s in London.

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