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Chinese Teapots

Welcome to a beautiful collection of Chinese teapots! The teapot was invented in China during the 900s, though it was first during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) the tea pot became popular within the public and got a wider spread though-out the country. It was during the Ming Dynasty the preparation of the tea began to look similar to the way we prepare it do today – by leaving loose tea leafs in hot water during a longer time. The early teapots were in comparison smaller due to the fact that people drank the tea directly from the pipe of the pot, instead of in a cup. Tea and teapots came to Sweden during the 18th century with the East India Company and by then both the tea and the pots were very expensive both to purchase and to drink. It was first in the beginning of the 20th century commonalty could afford to use the coveted leafs and make their own delicious tea. Today, different kinds of tea from all over the world are common in our home pantries – no matter if its black, red, green or white tea – so why not serve it in a decorative and eye-catching pot?