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Since Henryk Bukowski started his auction house in 1870, numerous of legendary collections have gone under the hammer. One of the first was the auction of Karl XV's collection in 1873, and later followed by the magnificent collection of the great collector Christian Hammers – from which Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl bought parts of. In more recent times, the sale of Ingmar Bergman's estate, The Marabou Collection and the Astra Collection are especially notable. Now, Hans Erik Börjeson's spectacular collection will join to these fantastic sales. For Hans Erik Börjeson, the interaction and meeting with the artists, as well as the art, have always been important. He personally got to know, among others, both Picasso and Chagall, of whom he bought art works from. Hence, the art works in Börjeson's collection has also a personal history and value. Parts of his amazing collection will now be sold at this theme auction. The art works will pass on to new homes and collections, and will in that way live on in new contexts. If you are the lucky buyer of any of these objects, be sure to pass the provenance on to future generations!

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