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Samson porcelain figurines

A collection of French figurines
Dive in to the world of Samson, enjoy a selection of figurines from the famous French firm Samson! Edmé Samson was productive under the 19th century and began his career by making making service and set piece replacements. Later on he opened his first firm, Samson, at the stylish rue Vendome in Paris. His intention was to supply reproductions of ceramics on display at museums and private collections. The company specialized in copying 18th Century designs from factories such as Meissen, Sévres, Chelsea, Worcester, Derby and 18th Century Chinese and Japanese porcelain. The pieces were not intended as forgeries. However the skillful craftsmanship, and due to the Samson marking are sometimes scratched off, the figurines are in some cases hard to separate from the real thing. At Bukowskis we are pleased to present figurines from Henrik Petrini’s collection in the theme auction “Figurines from Samson”!