From China to Europe

Bukowskis are proud to present the theme auction ”From China to Europe”; an auction filled with the wonderful treasures that came to Sweden through the trade with China, mainly during the 18th Century. Are you looking for gifts for this summers weddings, birthdays and parties? Now is your chance. Give someone a wonderful conversation piece, a beautiful antique, or just treat yourself to some everyday luxury and set your table with beautiful chinese export porcelain. One can feel the echoes of history, imagine the sails filling with wind, and the east indiaman setting sail for home, fully loaded with goods from China. The journey back from Canton to Gotheburg took nine long and dangerous months. Upon arrival the East India Company held auction of all the goods, a lot of the porcelain was sold to other contries but some stayed. And thanks to the dedicated Swedish collectors and the fact that we do not have had any war or catastrophies in Sweden since the 18th Century, a lot is still here.

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