Rune Jansson – an European avantgardist and informal innovator

Rune Jansson ”Försvinnande stigande låga”, detail.

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Few Swedish artists have belonged to the international avant-garde – Rune Jansson was one these few. His artistry is difficult to place in any ism of the last years century. Rune Jansson was born at Blidlö 1918 and the archipelago landscape has always stayed in his subconscious. During the late 1940s and the greater part of the 50s, Jansson painted in a style which often is called informal, spontaneous and tachistisc. Later on he reduced his painting into an almost minimalistic interpretation of the beloved archipelago. The coloristic vein lies deep within Jansson and even in the 21st-century he painted simple chords with a steady hand, chords enlighten by the right contrasting spot in purple, green or whatever color needed to balance his creation, along with adding an edge to it. Bukowskis is pleased to present this very fine collection by Rune Jansson’s paintings, which stretches over seven decades of his production.

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