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Mattor till sommarhuset

Discover flat weave carpets of the highest quality
To create a snugly summer house, or a home for that matter, carpets are an excellent object for that purpose. Carpets and textiles create warmth along with a personal feeling to the style in your home. In this theme auction we have curated a couple of beautiful kelim carpets, flat weaves and handmade textiles made of the technique called kelim. Kelim, or kelims, are often used as carpets but they are useful as stunning decoration on the wall, over the sofa or over the bed. Older kelims often originates from Turkey, Caucasian, Persia and eastern Europe. The new ones comes from e.g. Uzbekistan or other asian countries. Among the new carpets there are several colorful kelims and those which are carefully dyed in different grey nuances.