Lars Englund E312

Lars Englund, born in 1933, did entirely his own thing when he in the 1960s got inspired by the modern time’s industrial material – plastic, rubber, concrete and later on also carbon fiber. Since then, he has with this raw materials created sensuous growing structures where the material gets to live its own life. ”.. Lars Englund has been constantly independent – never adapted to a popular package, no matter what it might been called. Nor this, nor that. Not, not, not. But of course, and inevitable in the relation to – to nature abstract, to concretism, to minimalism, to post-minimalist. It is in the difference where the significance emerge, it is in the difference, in the boundary country, where Lars Englund shape his own language.” From the exhibition catalogue, Moderna museet, ”Lars Englund”, June–September 2005, page 707. This theme auction presents more than 80 drawing from the late 1940s until the early 1950s.

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