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Carpets – a love to craftsmanship

Carpet weaving is one of the oldest known craftsmanships. The origin comes from the central parts of Asia where the craftsmanship was developed and thriving until its peak late 16th-century and early 17th-century. Fragments of carpets have been found as early as between year 200 and 500 in Sinkiang, China, and there are also known fragments from carpets in Egypt around 11-th century. The production of carpets has not changed substantially during all these years. Today the loom exists of a frame, just like in the old days, but the original looms were in a lying position and nowdays the looms are up-standing. Our collection of carpets are collected by a man with a great insight and interest in carpets, an interest which is founded in an understanding and love to the craftmanship. The carpets are collected because of their execution and specifity, and not so much of their value or popularity. With this theme auction Bukowskis hope to contribute to already existing collections, or why not an entire new one?

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