Hermès Carré – a lifelong passion

According to old tradition, you never ask a woman about her age. Nor how many Hermès scarves she owns. Colorful silk scarves from the fashion house have become sought-after collector’s items. The theme auction, which is based upon a private collection, included 46 scarves from the 1950’s until the 21st century and includes several unique and rare editions. A total of 18 different designers are represented. Hermès’ first silk scarf was made in 1937 by Hugo Grykar and got the name "Jeu des omnibus et dames blanches”. Almost 2000 different motifs have been created thereafter. It takes 18 months to create an Hermès scarf, from its unique motif, to when the silk is weaved and finally silkscreen printed by hand. The entire process is made at Hermès factory in Lyon. The result is a piece of unique craftsmanship that can be considered as a true art work. Read more >

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