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Lars Englund & Lars Kleen

The Swedish artist Lars Englund, born 1933, creates sculptures that have such an inherent power that, despite their delicate appearance they fill every void. With no clear beginning or end, Englund’s sculptures defines and shapes the surrounding room. It has been said that Englund’s work is based on mathematics and that he uses geometry as a tool to bridge the rational art of engineering to the art of the new era. His use of industrial materials, plastic, rubber, concrete, carbon fibre and spring steel adds a new dimension to the interpretation of his works as organic, growing, and nature-like. The works in this online-auction come from the private collection of a passionate Swedish collector devoted to 20th century art and design. Many of the works have been gifted or acquired directly from the artists.

The collection also includes a number of small scale models by the Swedish artist Lars Kleen, b. 1941, Kleen is best known for his large scale installations or sculptures that best can be placed in the border zone between architecture and machinery. The constructions derive nourishment from the materials and the craftsmanship that hold them together. Used boards from scaffolding, reinforcing bars, rubber hoses and heavy bolts are joined by precise know-how and surrealistically minded love. Lars Kleen's designs convey an ambiguous sense of something functional, yet futile.

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