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Russian silver & objects of vertu

Historically Russian culture has had large differences in standard of living and a strong religious belief which has played an important role in the everyday life and for Russian traditions. This can be seen through the work of arts, in objects such as the tea-set, the vodka-beaker and the salt-cellar. The vodka-beaker and the tea-set look back at old drinking traditions, the salt-cellar at the tradition of the visitor being welcomed with bread and salt upon arrival. Then the beloved Icon with silver that reflects beautifully in the light of a burning candle. When it comes to the Russian decoration the most sought after styles are the niello-technique and the works with cloisonnéenamel.

What's typical for the Russian silver is difficult to define, but the more you see and handle Russian pieces the easier it becomes to recognize them when they appear. The answer lays in the type of object, in the surface, in the color of the silver and in the nationalistic choice of motifs.

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