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Dusty Deco

Inspired by Dusty Deco's owners homes – from Stockholm to Mallorca

Ten years ago, Edin Memic Kjellvertz and Lina Kjellvertz started one of the most stylish and eclectic vintage stores in Stockholm that attracted buyers from all over the world; Dusty Deco. The journey began on a small scale and, in addition to their regular jobs in fashion, the couple began to visit flea markets and buy home everything from furniture to decorative objects to their then apartment. Their home and the attic were quickly filled, and that's when Edin and Lina decided on the motto "one thing in, one thing out". Soon they realized that there was a market to sell vintage items secondhand.

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44 items
A plastic sculpture.
2 500 SEK
A circa 1900 table.
3 000 SEK
A 21st Century table.
8 000 SEK