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Sami Handcraft

Traditions inherited from generation to generation

Duodji is a concept for the Sami handicraft and its an important part of the Sami culture due to its strong symbolic value for the Sami’s identity, lifestyle and way of living. The primely tool for making items is their own hands and the Sami people makes everything from working tools to sew their own clothes and often in materials that are obtainable in their everyday life such as roots, leather, tendons, birch bark and reindeer horns. The main factor for a Duodji item is that it fills a function, therefore the knife is the most common object – and also the most important tool – in the Samian everyday life. The handicraft tradition is inherited from generation to generation and is mainly characterized by different Sami patterns and colors. In this theme auction you will find several beautiful Duodji items – from well-worked knifes and decorative bottles.

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