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Ru Runeberg

Ru Runeberg’s ideas and inspiration often spring from everyday life; a word or a happening, something his kids say or do, something that catches his eye in nature and his passion and fascination for insects.

Throughout the years Runeberg’s works have evolved from being traditional silver corpuses to becoming more sculptural, humoristic pieces with their function hidden in an inventive way. Characteristics in his corpus objects are the combinations of silver and hand-blown glass, where the glass gives a dash of colour to the silver pieces. In his jewellery he often combines silver with different semi-precious gemstones or glass to give them a pop of colour, but also be a functional part of the object, such as a handle or vessel. Runeberg’s works are therefore not only functional but also humoristic with their small quirky details. All of Runeberg’ s contemporary corpus objects and jewellery are unique.

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