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Carved sculptures by Herman Rosell

The woodcarver Herman Rosell was completely self-taught and depicted in his delicately executed sculptures his childhood memories of peasant life in Sweden. Struggle, poverty, hunger, hard work, joy and emigration were some of the topics he described. Quite simply a depiction of life in Sweden at the end of the 19th century. Or as he put it: subjects from the good old days ”.

He was born in 1893 in Slätthög, Kronoberg. He was the son of the shoemaker, Johan Aron Rosell. In the 1930s, he and his wife Hilda moved to Gothenburg, where he worked until his death in 1969.
Several of the auction's sculptures are depicted and described in the book "Så var det förr" by Sven Axel Hallbäck (1977) who begins the book by saying that in his sculptures Rosell tells in cut pictures about life in "the good old days" his memoirs, I have instead chosen to cut mine into wood ... ”.

Rosell has exhibited several times at a traveling exhibition that was shown in the USA.

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