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Divine Design

The word design stands for a plan or the structure of an object or a system. In our time, we often use the word Design for beautiful items in our local environment or interior design that has something extra. It can be furniture, ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, lamps etc. High-quality design objects are characterized by a design that allows the object to be easily used as a solitary but without hesitation can also function in a context without taking over.

In the theme auction ”Divine design" we help you explore some of the most excellent designers of our time from all over Europe. You can botanize between simple shapes or designs that overwhelms you. There is something for every taste and occasion.

78 items
Poul Henningsen,
10 000 SEK
Taklampa 1900-tal.
12 000 SEK
Finn Juhl,
5 000 SEK
Anders Pehrson,
4 000 SEK