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Stockholm Perspective

The capital's different views have always enchanted great Swedish artists, who constantly return to this beloved motif. Folklife, sunrises, summer nights, trams, the city in winter garb, the city as a symbol of national romanticism or the rise of modernism. Stockholm then and now, Skansen and the ores, romantic images and depictions of the modern city and Stockholm's unique location, surrounded by water.
The theme auction "Stockholm in my heart" include 39 fine-tuned and differentiated depictions in different styles and price ranges by artists such as Maj Bring, Bertel-Bertel Nordström, Stig Claesson (Slas), Curt Clemens, Birger Ljungquist, Gideon Börje, and Anna Palm and others. The rich flora of paintings offers an experience of the artists' time and a nostalgic journey.
34 items