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Iris and Matti Mäkis surrealistic collection

Iris and Matti Mäki's history of collecting art is a moving story. They both moved to Sweden at about the same time around 50 years ago to work at the Swedish car company Volvo. They fell in love with each other and got married shortly afterwards. Despite their youth and their junior positions at Volvo, they managed to save some money every month to spend on art.
Both Iris and Matti were early on very interested in art and every now and then they bought paintings and prints – always in agreement with each other. Sometimes their findings were a bit more expensive than they could afford so they needed to cut down on next month’s expenses. During the years, their salary increased and so did their art collection with works of higher quality.
Their passion for art grew over time and they travelled all over Europe to get inspired and to search for new works to add to their collection. It was mostly surrealism that enthralled them and in their quest to understand the ideas of surrealism, Iris and Matti read most of what was available to read about the pioneers within the genre.
With their stubbornness and knowledge Iris and Matti have managed to acquire a collection that is far beyond the ordinary.
Part of the income from this auction will be donated to the Gothenburg Art Museum and its Friends Association
43 items
Max Ernst,
50 000 SEK
Max Ernst,
15 000 SEK