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Tempus fugit

The clock is not merely a means of keeping track of the hours, but of synchronizing the actions of men, the clock not the steam, is key-machine of the modern industrial age…
Lewis Mumford, ”Technics and Civilization” 1934
The auction's watches are mainly made during the 19th century, an era where craftsmanship and technology will increasingly be merged and where the style variation flourishes. It is also during the 19th century that manufacturing begins to industrialize.
In addition to fine style models, there are two technically interesting trumpet clocks from the German manufacturer Wehrle with numbers 1323821 and 1323796. The collection also includes a soldering iron from Gebruder Resch, Vienna, number 1323749. A slightly odd but interesting number is the table clock in brass from Japan with the number 1323784.
In the collection you can also find watches there is slightly more humorous touch, such as the wall clock from Eisenbach number 1323830 and the "folk home favorite" wall clock "Per Albin Hansson" number 1323767.
Tempus fugit - time flies - so hurry to explore this auction which takes place June 24 - July 3.
43 items