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Josef Frank

For almost 100 years, Scandinavian homes and residences have been decorated with furniture and objects from Firma Svenskt Tenn. These classic designs were already appreciated and in demand when they were new as they contrasted in both form and colour from what was common in the 1920's, and especially in the 1930's. During this period Estrid Ericson in particular became a successful designer at Firma Svenskt Tenn.

Among the most prominent in furniture design from the mid 1930's and onwards was Estrids Ericson's friend and business partner, architect and interior designer Josef Frank (1885-1967). He created many true furniture classics that elevate interiors in both homes and public institutions. Josef Frank was almost 50 years old when he started working with Estrid Ericson at Firma Svenskt Tenn and then moved from Austria to Sweden. The first major exhibition of his designs was held at Liljevalch's Art Gallery in 1934. Josef Frank made a lasting impression on Swedish design history and is today considered one of Sweden's most influential designers of all time. Over time, his furniture and furnishings have become icons which never seem to go out of style. For Josef Frank, 'comfort and richness of colour' were essential; a home was constantly evolving according to him.

In this theme auction, we have gathered furniture, light fixtures and decorative items that were designed by Josef Frank, and others, for Firma Svenskt Tenn. They are fine examples of a timeless yet modern interior design ideal.

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