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Rörstrand - A collector's selection

Rörstrand has for a long time been a large-scale producer of porcelain and ceramics. Due to the employment of skilled and talented designers and artists in the production they have managed to keep a high quality throughout, despite modern mass production.
This themed auction is a good example of what a Rörstrand collection might look like; an eclectic set of items ranging from unique figurines to the simplest of utensils.
The common denominator of the items is the designers; the collector has targeted the “stars” of Rörstrand, with names like Carl-Harry Stålhane and Gunnar Nylund. Among the chosen items we find items from their more well-known productions, like animal figurines, faience etc. But there are also some good examples of Sylvia Lechovious iconic designs from the 1950s and -60s. She was employed by Rörstrand 1949-71 and predominately worked with stoneware to create “poetry in clay and colour” (quote: Anne-Marie Herliz-Gezelius/Rörstrand). In the collection we also find interesting designs by the ceramicist Gertrud Lönegren who foremost worked with art pieces and developed playful ceramics at Rörstrand for a few years during the 1930s and -40s.
13 items