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Björn Weckström

For more than 60 years Björn Weckström’s (8.2.1935-) jewellery has fascinated jewellery lovers all around the world. Weckström’s jewellery designs are extraordinary pieces of art formed by their sculptural spirit, organic forms and contrasts that reflect one of Weckström’s biggest inspirations; the Nordic barren nature. Weckström is not only a pioneer within the art of jewellery but also one of the best-known designers in Finland.

Weckström’s design clearly shows that he is foremost a sculptor and artist and not a traditional goldsmith as his education would suggest. By using abstract forms Weckström does not only bring out the mysticism in precious metals and the Nordic nature but also allows the viewers to create their interpretation of the abstract pieces of jewellery.

Welcome to explore a selection of Weckström’s creations where an abstract simplicity meets an expressive way of using silver, gold and precious gemstones.

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