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Carl Kylberg - Drawings

22 important landscape paintings by Carl Kylberg
Carl Kylberg (Fridene, Västergötland, 1878–1952 Stockholm) belongs to one of the 20th centurys foremost swedish draftsmen. Outside of academic circles, he’s primarily known for his oil paintings today. His drawings have not been shown publicly as often, and when they appear on the market, it’s usually in the form of caricatures and illustrations from children’s books. All of the drawings in this auction depict landscapes. They have until recently been kept in the Kylberg family.

The majority of Kylbergs well-known landscape drawings are found in sketchbooks, making them relatively small. The motifs are mainly sea and coastal landscapes and fishing villages found in Skåne, where Kylberg spent his summers 1917–1919, and Denmark, where he spent his summers after marrying gymnastics manager Ruth Liljeblad 1921. Until 1930 they spent their time in Helsingör, 1931–37 in Honbæk and after that in Ellekilde at Skällands northern coast. Kylbergs art is characterized by dissolving shapes and colour as an expression of emotion. The dissolving figures – a result of the sunlight's disrupting effect on its surroundings – come to their full rights in his drawings.

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