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Harriet Löwenhjelm

For a long time, Harriet Löwenhjelm was perhaps best known as a poet - her most beautiful songs and hymns are among the pearls of our modern poetry - but over the past 50 years, her art has also attracted attention. Harriet Löwenhjelm was born in Helsingborg in 1887 and early on she showed artistic talent. She studied at Anna Sandström's high school, Kerstin Cardon's drawing school, the Academy of Fine Arts and for Carl Wilhelmson.

In 1913, however, Harriet Löwenhjelm contracted pulmonary tuberculosis. She spent several years in sanatoriums around the Nordic countries and died in 1918 at Romanäs sanatorium in Småland. As her illness increased, her power and ability to draw and paint diminished. Harriet Löwenhielm worked almost exclusively in drawing and watercolor. During her short life, she published only one book of poems, with her own illustrations, which were printed in 50 copies intended as gifts to the closest circle of friends.

Harriet Löwenhjelm's art is intimately connected with her poetry. Her drawings and poems are so intertwined that it is difficult to say whether the drawing was added as an illustration to the poem or the poem became a clarification of the drawing. As in her poetry, man is central to her world of images.

Bukowskis presents 12 unpublished works by the poet and artist Harriet Löwenhjelm. Most of her works are today in museums and are therefore rarely for sale. All offered works have belonged to her youngest brother and have until very recently been within the Löwenhjelm family.

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