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Samlaren: 30 years of Silver

Behind each collection is usually a successful collector who has managed to combine both rationality, professional knowledge and a great passion. Collecting requires commitment and insights beyond the ordinary, especially for those who not only collect for their own pleasure but have it as their livelihood. Active collecting is a cross-border activity between the everyday private and the "public" in the search for sought-after and beautiful objects. In addition, a certain amount of boldness is required as all collecting includes competition and competition - when several people wish to acquire the same item.

Rolf Magnusson ran the antique shop Samlaren in Halmstad for decades and his accuracy and drive gave him opportunities to constantly make new acquisitions for the collection. He was interested in silver; mainly the Swedish 18th and 19th century silver, but also pewter, folk art furniture and Swedish ceramics belonged to the sphere of interest. Gradually, Rolf created an impressive and extensive collection of mainly Swedish silver. He liked to collect serially and in his large collection there are mainly cups, spoons, jugs and tankards. Parts of this collection are now being sold at Bukowskis in this theme auction.

Characteristic of the collection is the great breadth it shows and the auction includes quality work by silversmiths from places such as Stockholm, Varberg, Kalmar, Gothenburg and more.
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