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In the past, shipping models were often made by the shipyards' own workshops for the customers. These models were available at the shipping company's offices to show which ships could be chartered and which fleet they had.
The models were always extremely well made, detailed and executed by professional model builders. In the same spirit, a number of ship models have also been built recently. All models at this auction come from Malmö profile Kjell Wesen's collection; entrepreneur, jeans pioneer, shipowner, etc.
Ship portraits are another category of nautica. They are usually made by local artists, sometimes called pierhead painters, in various ports. The paintings were usually ordered by the captain of the depicted ship. The painting was carried out while the ship was in port and unloading and loading, ie for a fairly short period of time. Many of the artists themselves had been at sea and the paintings are often detailed and correct in terms of hull, rig and sailing; albeit sometimes somewhat naive. A characteristic is that the name of the ship appears and often also the captain's. The company's mark on the chimney and flag are also usually included.
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