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Gerhard Nordström

The artist Gerhard Nordström is probably best known to us for his green Österlen motifs. They are also the ones who are his most sought after today. He painted this type of motif as early as the 1970s, when it sometimes overlapped with the political events of its time. For the mature artist Nordström, the trips to Giverny in the summers of 1990 and 1991 became formative sources of inspiration. There, through Claude Monet's impressionist paintings, he rediscovered the abstract expressionism of his youth. The works of art are seemingly figurative. But even when Nordström paints recognizable places, he never fully implements the illusion. When you approach the images, they dissolve into an uneven rough surface with paint stains, with clear strong brushstrokes in different directions, in their own rhythm, with their own nuances and their own luster.

All 21 works of art in this auction come from one and the same collection. All works are gifts and reciprocal gifts from the artist, during a lifelong friendship. Then inheritance in the family.
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