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Bengt Landin

Bengt Landin is a Swedish graphic- and visual artist born in Stockholm in 1933. He received his education at the Academy of Fine Arts and Art College. The latter he was also active as a teacher. Bengt Landin is perhaps best known for his many animal images containing mallards, foxes, roosters and fish among others, often depicted with a mixture of surrealistic and realistic elements where human figures are seen in the background. There is something underlying in Bengt Landin's art that evokes in the spectator associations to something personal and his artistic expression is characterized by strong colors and carefully reproduced details.

Bengt Landin was also a member of the IX group, which was an association of nine artists formed in 1964 to make it easier for his art to reach the international arena through exhibition collaboration. Members of the group included Philip von Schantz and PG Thelander.

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