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Bengt Lindström – A life in colour

Distinct colour contrasts, pasty painting, distorted faces, and charismatic figures are characteristic features of Bengt Lindström's art. He studied in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Chicago and Paris, where his teachers were artists Isaac Grünewald, Otte Sköld, André Lothe and Fernand Leger.

Inspired by the Cobra group's spontaneous expressive painting, he developed a great interest in the inherent power of colours. Additionally, Bengt Lindström was inspired by Sami myths and mythology.

In 1954 Lindström had his first solo exhibition in Sweden, and four years later, he got his international breakthrough at the Galerie Breteau in Paris.

All eight artworks in this theme auction come from the same private collection. Some of the works were purchased during a visit to France, directly from Lindström, in his studio and home. Some of the artworks were bought in the early 1990s by people in the artist's inner circle.

The works are made of acrylic on paper, called gouaches.