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Leonhard Lapin

Leonhard Lapin (1947-2022) was a prominent Estonian visual artist and architect who, starting in the 1960s, became a central figure in Estonian avant-garde art. In his graphic production, Lapin studied the relationships between nature, machines and people, as well as the power of signs. Lapin's production is based on thematic series, several of which are represented in this theme auction.
Lapin explored constructivist aesthetics in his early series of prints. In the series created in the 1980s, iconic signs and geometric patterns were placed sparely on empty backgrounds with minimal gestures, telling of the artist's strong composition skills. At the end of the decade, the new social situation enabled Lapin to use politically charged symbols more freely in his art. In these series of prints, the appeal often comes out in the form of absurd humour. From the 1990s, Lapin delved into the suprealist art trend he had launched, which commented on the impact of a consumer society on culture.
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