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Selected Books

Once more Bukowskis has the pleasure of inviting you to a sale of rare books, the earliest being a 1498 Missal for the use of Prague. The most recent is ”Clefs des paves” (1939) by Robert Delaunay & Anatole Jakovsky with its very rare rhodoid plastic collage.

The sixteenth century is represented by the second (and best) folio edition of Vesalius’ ”De humanis corporis fabrica” (Basel 1555).

Three works by father and son Piranesi with 83 monumental etchings of Rome (Campus Martius), Paestum and Herculaneum are offered bound together in a volume which once belonged to Swedish neoclassical architect Ivar Tengbom (1878-1968).

An album of mid-18th century maps and views of St. Petersburg, and a map of Moscow, is of special interest. It opens with the large and very rare wall map of St. Petersburg by Mikhail Makhaev, bound with the 9 sections unassembled as issued. The volume was once owned by Count Adam Horn (1717-1778), who was sent to Russia by King Adolf Fredrik in the 1750s, officially to inform the Empress of the death of Adolf Fredrik’s mother, but secretly to obtain the support of the Russian government against the King’s opponents in Sweden.

Also on offer are the 364 lithographed plates (large paper state) for P. F. Siebold’s ”Nippon. Archiv zur Beschreibung von Japan” (1832-52), a magnificient publication depicting for the first time on a large scale the ethnography and geography of Japan. (Text volumes were published, but are not present.)
Please take some time to browse the catalogue, and welcome to bid at the auction.

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