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An art project on Österlen

All works in this theme auction are parts of a life long collection and for a period also part of an south east Swedish art project. The collection has been formed by a couple who have collected art throughout their lives. They started buying already in the mid-70s, at various auction houses in Stockholm, where they lived at the time. They then moved abroad and continued their collecting, now with the whole family involved.
With the sale comes a lot of nostalgia and memories for them, for example the two works by Johannes Olsson were purchased directly from the artist in his studio on Sturegatan in Stockholm ("from his best period"). The collection of Stålhane was purchased directly from Stålhane's studio in the 1960s and 70s.
The rugs form a small part of a very large rug collection, which includes about 100 rugs, where they have now decided to concentrate on ancient figural rugs from mainly the Keshan and Kirman districts of ancient Persia.
The artworks in the theme auction reflect the couple's constant interest in surrounding themselves with interesting art, talented artists, but also a reflection of the extensive, varied and international art collection that the family still has got.
The reason why the sale is now being made is to concentrate and specialize the collections and create physical space for reallocations and continued acquisitions, by a younger generation.
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