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The Hultmark Collection

In this theme auction, we present many objects from the couple Nils and Inga-Lill Hultmark's beautiful home in Gothenburg. Nils Hultmark was the brother of the art historian and collector Emil Hultmark. In a sibling group of five, they came to inherit the Bryggeribröderna Lyckholm fortune. This inheritance made it possible to build their collections.

Nils Hultmark inherited many of the objects that were part of his father's, David Hultmark, collection at the end of the 1950s. Nils Hultmark was very interested in nature, and with his wife Inga-Lill, he acquired Torps Estate in Västergötland with funds from his father's inheritance. In the new home, the inherited art objects were given a truly representative residence. Under Inga-Lill's care, the objects were managed in the best possible way. Some of the objects and works of art were sold, but they also increased the collection with other art and antique objects. Oriental porcelain was one of the object categories in which the couple was interested. Among other things, the large Chinese palace urns were acquired in the 1980s. They were bought directly from the Rörstrandsfabriken in Lidköping, where they stood in the director's office. The Hultmark couple ran the farm until 1995, when they moved to the floor on Viktor Rydbergsgatan in Gothenburg.

The couple had a great interest in art and antiques and liked to go to exhibitions and auctions, and when the couple moved to Gothenburg, they had the opportunity to pursue these interests a little more actively. They were often seen at openings and auction viewings. Inga-Lill Hultmark was a very active collector during her whole life and continued to buy art and antiques even after Nils Hultmark's death. The latest acquisition she made as recently as a couple of years ago; was a bronze sculpture, Carl Milles's "Jonah and the whale ".
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