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A frame maker's Collection

Paul Ekstrand's interest in art, glass and sculpture was awakened early. He always took the chance to go to openings, museums and exhibitions when the opportunity arose, both in Sweden and on trips around the world.

Paul worked at the Swedish Rescue Agency for many years with breaks for UN assignments, but the interest in art remained.

In 2006, he followed his dream and started his own business, "Paul's art and framing" in Limhamn, Malmö, Sweden. Here he framed paintings, organized openings, sold art and adviced in art both for homes and other environments. The frame shop became a central place in Limhamn for those interested in art. Art of all kinds passed through Paul's life and hands.

In this theme auction, "From a Frame Maker's Collection", pieces from Paul's carefully selected collection are being sold where each item has a story and had a special place in Paul's home and heart.
38 items
Salvador Dalí,
Salvador Dalí,
4 000 SEK