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Restaurant Gastrologik interior design

GASTROLOGIK, 2011-2022.

In 2011, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr started the restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm. During 11 successful years, the restaurant was awarded two stars in the Michelin guide. The restaurant closed in 2022, and now the interior is sold in this themed auction.

The restaurant's ambitions with locally sourced ingredients and innovative dishes where each dinner sitting would be a unique experience for the guest. They would extend over 2.5 hours with high demands on the quality of the food and workmanship, but also on the interior design. Jonas Lindvall designed all furniture and fixtures. The furniture was produced by Stolab and the light fixtures by Wästbergs.

"For us, the food was, of course, our focus, but it was through the overall experience that we wanted to stand out. That's why it was also important for us to constantly develop our service and furnishings. Everything has to have a clear idea and a common thread."
- Jacob and Anton

Working closely with Jacob and Anton, Lindvall created Gastrologik's interior that would harmonise with the clear focus behind the duo's concept, where locally sourced, top-quality ingredients formed the core value. An important factor in choosing chairs for the 2011 opening was that they should be comfortable and withstand many hours of sitting. Many chairs were tested before choosing Miss Holly from Stolab. The tables, which were produced in different sizes, were later put into production under the name Miss Tailor.
The restaurant's interior is dominated by copper, chosen for its great quality and connection to the history of cooking. The light fixtures were designed by Lindvall and produced by Wästbergs in copper to create a warm atmosphere.

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